Sourcing & Product Development Solutions

Sourcing & product development solutions

In today’s organizational structures the Sourcing function is oftentimes caught up between cross-functional alignments of Merchandising, Product Development, Production and Sales.  

With increasing price pressure and growing access to suppliers, Sourcing needs to reinvent itself. 

Similarly, Product Development needs to stay on top of trends and customer needs and is constantly under pressure to be more innovative 

Sourcing and product development have become crucial in our increasingly integrated world and we need to find a better way to work in the new normal. 


Responsive Supply Chain Program

Delivering products with speed, at competitive priced while providing late-stage flexibility allows optimum supply chain response to consumer demands and market trends

AI Demand Forecasting

AI demand forecasting enables more accurate demand forecast creation.  Leveraging advanced technologies to improve accuracy and reduce lost sales due to out-of-stocks 

Sales & Operations Planning

Sales & operations planning helps to match your company’s supply with the demand.  Aligning sales and operations around a unified, consensus-based business plan for more informed decision making

Capability Building

Providing customer engagement training, enabling supply & demand planning and VMI solutions can redefine the value-add services for sourcing offices to get ahead of the competition 

Advanced Supply Planning

(Long-, Mid-, Short-term horizon)

Determining how best to fulfill the demand requirements by leveraging advanced supply planning modules to optimize capacity requirements, operational costs and resources

Raw Material Planning

Planning raw materials is critical and one of the key enablers to achieve product development production speed.  Automating raw material planning by leveraging analytical capabilities

Client Impact

We initiated operational excellence schemes with a world class sourcing office.

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