Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

Warehousing & logistics solutions

Supply chains today are global and complex, as brands are increasingly moving into the direct-to-consumer business model, managing raw material and product flow from sourcing locations to demand locations on time with high service level becomes extremely complicated.

Weave understands the challenges and operations implications associated from the dynamic environment and we are dedicated to support companies to build supply chain resilience to mitigate your risk.


Network Design Strategy

Increasing volume of global e-commerce is creating a need to revisit the supply chain network. Network design is one of the essential steps in setting your business up for success 

Fulfilment Center Design & Operations

Fulfilment centers now need to fulfill not only replenishment orders in bulk, but also individual customer orders. It is crucial to ensure your facility and operation designs are fit for purpose

Omni Channel Operations

Whether to fulfill an order from a store, dark store, micro-fulfillment center or regional warehouses is the big question companies are asking themselves in the era of omni channel

Digital Control Tower

Deploying digital supply chain control tower solutions can provide your business with a centralized and transparent view of operational status end to end to manage priorities, shift gears and mitigate risks

Visualization & Dashboards

As organizations collect more and more data, visualizations and dashboards are vital to allow cross functional teams to communicate actionable insights and accelerate decision making

DC Robotics Suitability

Consumers are asking for quicker & more accurate delivery of products and this adds to warehouse operation complexity. Robotic solutions could be the way to go for a cheaper & more efficient operation

Client Impact

We revamped an omni channel fulfilment center in the US

Revenue improvement with customer rationalization and warehouse process improvement:

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Service level improvement (VMI logistics) 

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Reduction in warehouse operating cost :

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Reduction of air freight (VMI):

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