Integrated Planning Solutions

Integrated planning solutions

At Weave, we believe that balancing demand and supply is the key to successful business operation and profitability.

Nowadays all touchpoints along the supply chain from source to customer are backed by data and information that can enhance our decisions in inventory planning and demand forecast. With our proven methods and tools we can help you to improve your buying plan from start to finish.

Hence, we help you weave together demand and supply based on data-driven recommendations and support you to implement digital solutions.

Weave works alongside our clients to tailor each solution specifically to our client’s needs and future ambition.


Manufacturing Planning & Optimization

Advanced modelling and optimization solves complex production planning issues, optimizes operations & resources, mitigate risks and enhances supply chain responsiveness 

Redefining Sourcing Proposition

Bridging the gap between supply and demand is the greatest challenge for the sourcing industry. Enabling demand & supply planning and VMI solutions can redefine the sourcing proposition

Retail Planning & Category Management

Integrated planning tools across assortment and merchandise financial planning can  accelerate decision making, improve accuracy, drive profit and reduce inventory 

Advanced Analytics & Scenario Modelling

Gaining informed insights using advanced and predictive analytics with scenario modelling to allow you to drive operational efficiency, improve profitability and remain competitive in the marketplace

Visualization & dashboards

As organizations collect more and more data, visualizations and dashboards are vital to allow cross functional teams to communicate actionable insights and accelerate decision making

Replenishment & VMI Enablement

Optimized replenishment and Vendor Managed Inventory capability building reduces inventory risk, improves in-stock positions and enables late stage buyer flexibility to meet market demands

Client Impact

We implemented integrated planning solutions with one of the biggest footwear company in Vietnam

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