Manufacturing Excellence Services

Manufacturing excellence

We enable clients to achieve operation efficiency to serve digital and omni-channel operations.

Manufacturing has traditionally had a long history of attempts to make the process of producing a product faster, cheaper, better while keeping up the quality. At the heart of the organization, manufacturing tries to marry the optimal use of technology with an efficient use of human skills.

We understand the pressing issues of today that manufacturers face and will help you optimize your production operations.


Flash Diagnostics

Decision making is critical in operations – access to the right information at the right time enables this.  Quantify the opportunities and value in your operations in under 3 days to amplify your impact

Speed Programs

Speed is essential to revenue and profitability in today's world - without it, you are behind.  Reduce product introduction and replenishment times down across fast fashion, seasonal and basic goods

Small Batch Size Optimization

Seeing smaller orders and more SKUs?  You are not alone.  Prepare for batch sizes down to 1 with innovative and proven techniques

People Strategy & Capability Building

Finding the right talent and keeping them is tough when scarcity and opportunities entice your best people.  Building capabilities to retain and grow your talent

Quality Transformations

Quality is an essential, but commonly under leveraged part of your operations.  Assess your quality spend to focus on prevention and not intervention with quality experts

Integrate Digital into Operations

Meaningful insights are derived from good data, not big data - focus on what's important.  Simplify, automate and visualize your business in ways not dreamed of before

Client Impact

We finished a manufacturing excellence program with a well-known fashion jewelry & watch company

Lead time reduced

0 %

Throughput improved

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OTIF improved

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Gross profit improved

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