We offer end to end supply chain consulting services

Our Services

  • Growth strategy - manufacturing, sourcing, retail market expansion
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Sourcing organization transformation
  • Digital strategy & roadmap
  • Supply chain network design program and change management

Business Strategy & Operations Planning

Through our rich knowledge from supply chain strategy to operations we want to connect high-level strategy all the way through to execution.

  • Digital strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Digital control tower
  • Advanced analytics and scenario modelling
  • Digital visual management
  • Business process automation
  • Digital ecosystem and toolkit

Digital Transformation & Application

Growing ecommerce, demand uncertainty and logistics risks are challenging decision makers with the need for end to end data visibility.

  • Flash Diagnostics
  • Speed programs
  • Small batch Size Optimization
  • People Strategy & Capability Building
  • Quality Transformations
  • Integrate Digital into Operations

Manufacturing Excellence Services

We understand the pressing issues of today that manufacturers face and will help you optimize your production operations.

  • Supply and demand planning
  • Product development excellence
  • Costing optimization
  • Factory to store program
  • Supplier optimization
  • Factory allocation

Integrated Demand & Supply Planning Solutions

We help you weave together demand and supply based on data-driven recommendations and support you to implement digital solutions.

  • Responsive supply chain program
  • AI demand forecasting
  • Sales & operations planning
  • Retail buying & merchandising planning
  • Advanced supply planning modules across long-, mid- and short-term horizon
  • Raw material planning

Sourcing & Product Development Solutions

Sourcing and PD have become crucial in our increasingly integrated world and we need to find a better way to work in the new normal.

  • Network and design strategy
  • Fulfilment center design
  • Warehouse operations
  • Omni channel operations
  • Digital control tower & advanced analytics
  • DC robotics suitability

Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

We are dedicated to support companies to build supply chain resilience to mitigate your risk in this dynamic environment.

We have 10+ years experience in consultancy

We like solving complex strategic & operational problems and we have your best interest in mind.

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