Webinar by Weave - Adapting to the new normal

The ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on almost every aspect of the world’s socio-economy. Companies around the world have been struggling trying to maintain operation with disrupted supply chains and shrinking revenues while customers’ behaviours have been changed due to governments’ policies to prevent the pandemic from spreading.    With all the challenges and changes have been observed until now, it is reasonable to expect that there would be a “New Normal” after the Covid-19 is over, to which companies will have to adapt to survive and grow. So what exactly is the “New Normal”? And what do companies need to do to adapt to it?    In the Webinar by Weave: Adapting to the New Normal on May 28th, 2020, we had an insightful discussion with our panellists about the detailed trends of the “New Normal” and received practical advices on how to move business forward from them.    The discussion focused on:  
  • Managing cash flow effectively to survive in crisis and prepare for rebounding 
  • Capitalizing the growing trend of contact-free economy (with a focus on e-commerce and digitalization) 
  • Enhancing resilience in supply chain to diversify risks in maintaining continuous operation 
  • Paul Lennen – Managing Director, WEAVE 
  • Tien Nguyen – General Manager, Corèle V 
  • Jacob Röjens – Senior Industry Advisor / ex MD, Ascena Global Sourcing  
  • Pearl Hsu – Managing Director, Starbright Co., Ltd 
  Click here to watch the full webinar.