There are 3 important things to me when I decide my career.

  • A leadership team that values people
  • Work opportunities where I can have large contributions and impact
  • A place where I can have a steep learning curve

Prior to joining Weave, I worked in a large corporation, where career paths were pre-defined with standard timelines and milestones. I joined Weave when the company had only 7 employees because I wanted to further challenge myself in a company that embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.

Since joining, I have been given amazing opportunities to grow and develop. I have worked directly with senior executives from some of the world’s largest retailers and manufactures to solve interesting cases. I supported marketing and business development including organizing the annual Weave 360 conference for >250 people.

I appreciate that leaders at Weave provide employees with diverse opportunities to grow into well rounded consultants and to contribute to the growth of the firm!